Camden Fringe

1st - 28th August 2022

All or Nothing Repertory Theatre Company

My Other Self; The Evolution of Shakespeare's Richard III


My Other Self; The Evolution of Shakespeare's Richard III

A bold new adaptation of three of Shakespeare’s most blood soaked plays. Exploring mental illness, toxic masculinity and the events that led to Richard III becoming literature's most infamous villain. Take an in depth look at the little known aspects of the War of The Roses Saga, the original Game of Thrones!

"I am determined to prove a villain" Richard tells us in is first monologue, we find out why by witnessing his relationship with his Father, brothers and mother, his need to prove himself to his family and the world. The Lancaster's and the Plantagenet's battle it out to sit on the thrown with only a suspicion of the true evil growing in their midst.

All or Nothing Rep adapts classic theatre through the lens of modern social issues. After their incredibly successful inaugural run during the Pride Festival 2018, presenting an LGBTQ version of Measure for Measure, The Importance of Being Earnest and As Is the team returns with this fantastic deep dive into Richard III's psyche.

Twitter: @allornothingrep


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Mon 19 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
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Wed 21 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
Thu 22 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
Fri 23 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
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