Camden Fringe

2nd - 29th August 2021

Most Curious Productions

The Hunters of Ghost Hall


The Hunters of Ghost Hall

What would happen if a ghost hunting TV crew and a pair of treasure hunters, unaware of each other’s presence, find themselves in the same spooky mansion in the middle of nowhere?

A low budget TV crew are preliminary filming with a psychic expert. The treasure hunters are looking for shelter from a brewing storm. They both end up in the same mansion and at the same time. Is this a spooky coincidence? Neither pair is aware of the other. Who will get what they are looking for? Is the mansion really haunted? Is there really any treasure?

The play made a successful debut to sell-out audiences at Brighton Fringe earlier this year.

Twitter: @CuriousMost



Sat 3 Aug 2019 5:00pm £10.00 £8.00
Sun 4 Aug 2019 5:00pm £10.00 £8.00
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